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Martyr Pleasure Boat Anodes

Essential Galvanic protection for your boat

Anodes manufactured by Martyr counteract galvanic corrosion by becoming a sacrificial element attached to your boat and are generally referred to as “Zincs” by boaters.

While traditionally made of Zinc, materials such as aluminium and magnesium are now used for more specific types of waters, for example, Zinc or Aluminium are used in Saltwater, while magnesium in freshwater only.

Anodes are an inexpensive form of galvanic protection and are generally attached to the hull (and also marine structures), but they are also installed on outboards and stern legs, and work to counteract the effect of having dissimilar metals in contact with seawater (or freshwater), which causes galvanic corrosion.

Martyr is the only manufacturer that offers all three alloys based on US MIL Spec, and is part of the CMP Group, that first started foundry operations in the 1900s.

Martyr offers an extensive range of anodes and are manufactured to strict quality standards through ISO9001 quality management.

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