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MAX Prop Self Feathering Propellor

The world best self-feathering propeller

The world best self-feathering propeller

Max-Prop is the leading low drag propeller on the market today. Since starting production in the 1970's Max-Prop has proven itself on racing and cruising boats around the world. With over 40,000 propellers in the water, the Max-Prop is tested daily in the harshest conditions and has established itself as the most efficient and reliable low drag feathering propeller.

The combination of low drag, outstanding reverse power, efficient forward performance, and fail-safe design makes Max-Prop the ideal sailboat propeller on the market today.

Unlike folding propellers, Max Prop relies on torque from shaft rotation, this in turn ensures an immediate opening in forward and more importantly in reverse, unlike many folding propellers which have a lag time in reverse.

Max Prop propellers are available in 5 variants, The Classic, Easy, Whisper, Boomerang and SailDrive, with various blade and diameter options for all requirements.

So-Pac stock a wide range of Max Prop anodes and essential spares

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