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Flexofold folding propellers

Low Drag Folding propellers for sailing and cruising.

Low Drag Folding propellers for sailing and cruising.

Flexofold folding propellers are designed as not to catch on hazards such as lobster or crab pots as they do on fixed and some feathering propellers. They offer a thrust comparable to fixed propellers in forward drive and better thrust in reverse thanks to improved weight distribution, blade area and shape.

A folding propeller eliminates almost all of the drag associated with a fixed propeller, with most Sailing hull speeds being increased by as much as 15% compared to fixed 3 bladed propellers.

On a Flexofold propeller, the only moving parts are the blades. Smooth acting gears and strong materials ensure extended durability, while the blades are synchronized by patented, twin helical gears. Blades are cushioned by strong polyurethane shock absorbers. This has led to them being fitted by recognised boatyards like Beneteau, Jeannau and Hanse.

Spare parts are available worldwide, while disassembly and re-assembly are simple for the occasional service. The Flexofold is compatible with rope cutters.

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