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Max Prop Anodes

A range of anodes specific for Max Prop feathering propellers.

These anodes provide galvanic corrosion protection (electrolysis) for your Max Prop feathering propeller by becoming a sacrificial element designed to deplete and waste away slowly over approximately one year. It is the props primary protection and should be inspected and replaced at each haul out.

Note: If anode depletion occurs more quickly, seek professional advice. It may be caused by incorrect electrical bonding of materials on board or by the boat next door. If it does not deplete, vessel may be "over-protected".

Replacing anodes? 

First: Carefully compare the 3 or 6 hole spacing of the existing anode with those listed on the drop-down below. Next: Confirm the  anode shape, "round" or slightly triangular.

All anodes are manufactured to military specification standards, backed by ISO9001 quality assurance standards.

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