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Water Jet Thrusters - No Tunnel - No Noise

The smart alternative to bow or stern thrusting.

No room for a bow thruster or stern thruster tunnel? Read on. 

Water Jet thrusters are compact, powerful and quiet alternatives to tunnel thrusters suitable for boats up to 18 meters.
A  powerful DC motor and centrifugal pump installed in the bilge, sucks water in and delivers a high pressure flow via flexible hose to 3 way directional valves and 60mm Ø jet nozzles located just below the water-line at the bow and/or stern. Yes, bow and stern can be operated by one motor!  Apart from the sound of gushing water, operation is quiet. Pumps can run for 1-1/2 minutes, twice longer than most tunnel versions.
Because bow nozzles can be installed much further forward than a tunnels leverage may increase by up to 40 %. (Pushing the front of your boat at the bow off the dock becomes harder as you move aft.!) To learn more about this (refer US blog).
To retrofit involves minimal alteration to your boat’s structure and cabin furniture. New builds are a breeze.
No tunnels or external protuberances to create drag.
No expensive, potentially dangerous drop downs.
Non-invasive installation.
Bow & stern operated by same pump. Larger boats just use two pumps.
Run for 90 seconds, up to 10 minutes with 48 V motors.
No noise.
More hardware, so more expensive (offset by less expensive installation)
Advice: For larger or commercial craft, read about Wesmar thrusters.

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