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Jet Thruster

The smart alternative to bow or stern thrusting.

The smart alternative to bow or stern thrusting.

Conventional bow thrusters only operate at a speed of up to five knots and operate by changing the direction of rotation of the propeller or by adjusting the propeller pitch. The effect of the Jet Thruster, however, is based on the intake of sea water. It is then directed to nozzles in the bow and/or stern. 

The Jet Thruster is equipped with a powerful centrifugal pump, 3-way valve/s and electrical control. Since the Jet Thruster does not make use of a propeller, the noise of cavitation is omitted.

Jet Thruster systems are available as a horizontal or a vertical installation with thrust pressures from 30 Kgf – 90 Kgf and will suit vessels up to 60ft.

Hydraulic versions are also available with a 14cc or 19cc motor giving 30Kgf to 100Kgf

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