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Hydro Armor Rudder Propellors

Hydraulic Rudder Propeller Specialists

Hydraulic Rudder Propeller Specialists

French Manufacturer, Hydro Armor has produced commercial hydraulic propulsion systems since 1970.  As well as hydraulic rudder propellers they offer bow thrusters and cranes.

Hydraulic pumps for propulsion system are directly mounted to the engine Power Take Off, eliminating gearboxes, shafts, couplings, bearings and rudders.

Retractable and Tiltable Rudder propellers from 66 kW to 480 kW

These transom mounted thrusters provide +/- 90° steering providing
the operator with extremely agile manoeuvrability. Shifting to reverse takes just 2 seconds enabling +/- 90° steering going astern.

The unique hydraulic motor mounted inside the lower bulb housing is directly connected to a short, stubby propeller shaft. A clever seal system protects the
ingress of water and debris and is rated for 5000 hours between service intervals.

Rack & pinion hydraulic steering is also powered by an engine driven hydraulic pump. A hydraulic cylinder inside the mounting frame is mounted for the tilting function, with another hydraulic cylinder mounted inside the column for height/depth adjustment. Steering can be NFU by jog lever or FFU with control handles.

All pipes etc. are inside the thruster and not in contact with the water.
Most components are made of steel, and are fairly simply built, no driving gear sets and only a few bearings inside, for easy repair and need very little maintenance.

Well Mounted Propulsion from 89 kW to 480 kW.

These are fixed height thrusters also provide +/- 90° steering for agile manoeuvrability.

The hydraulic motor is inside the lower bulb housing, and is directly connected to the propeller shaft. These are made of steel, and are fairly simple build, no driving gears sets and only a few bearings inside, for easy repair and very little maintenance.

All pipes etc. are inside the thruster and are not in contact with the water.
The bulb is the heart of the thruster and is simple to dismantle from the thruster. Steering is 180 degrees, done by a hydraulic cylinder inside the top of the frame. Because the propeller is hydraulic powered, we also have forward and reverse, so also covering the 360 degrees steering.

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