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Hydromaster Steerable Propulsion

The Pioneers of Steerable Propulsion

The Pioneers of Steerable Propulsion

In the early 1950s a license was issued to the United Kingdom, from which Hydromaster was born. Company is now owned and operated from Holland by a group of engineers with over 30 years’ experience in azimuth propulsion.

Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters  from 60 kW to 800 kW

In board installation, with the steerable thruster to be mounted from either top or bottom. Hydromaster can supply the full propulsion package including prime mover and intermediate shafting.

Deck Mounted Propulsion Units from 60 kW to 800 kW

Fully self-contained outboard propulsion units with a prime mover that can be either a diesel engine, electric motor or hydraulic pump/motor combination. The vertical stem can be tilted for cleaning and maintenance with its length tailored to your vessel design. As an option the drive stem can be depth adjustable to allow the units to operate in shallow draft conditions.
Hydromaster has developed a range of  thrusters for high speed ferries
primarily focussed on electric motors.

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