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WESMAR Bow & Stern Thrusters

Thrusters for Pleasure Craft From 10 to 25 Meters

WESMAR thrusters manoeuvre vessels using counter-rotating dual propellers, a WESMAR innovation, which splits the power between matched gear sets, yielding very high efficiency. The aft propeller recovers the swirl energy left behind by the forward propeller creating more thrust, this allows large vessels to be manoeuvred very efficently and safely in various on-water situations.

These counter-rotating dual-propeller systems deliver up to 40% more power, less noise, and less vibration than competitive units. With all components exposed to seawater made of stainless steel including the 4-blade Kaplan props, drive leg, shaft, bearings and seal carriers. This best in class reliability translates to enhanced safety for the vessel operator and crew.

WESMAR thrusters are available with a choice of DC 12V, 24V, 48V, AC Variable speed, or hydraulic power, and are supported around the globe by an extensive network of support agents.

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