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WESMAR Fin Stabiliser Systems

A Stabilizer System Customized for your Vessel and How and Where you Cruise

For over 20 years So-Pac Marine has been delivering and maintaining WESMAR Roll Fin Stabilisers in NZ and the wider Pacific.  

There are three types of stabilization systems commonly in use today: Roll fins, Magnus rotorswing  and inertial gyro systems. All have advantages and shortcomings.

Fin stabilization is most effective for stabilization "at cruise speed," typically costs less, adds little weight to a vessel, occupies minimal real estate, has low power consumption, is quiet, and activates instantly with a touch of a button.

Inertial Gyro stabilization is newer and works well "at anchor" but is not as effective for "at cruise speed" stabilization. They have a heavy and large footprint, consume more power, require a long-warm-up and shut down cycle, and are typically more expensive.

WESMAR's DSP5000 Wave-Smart uses predictive technology together with actual vessel motion to enhance the stabilization of the vessel. It brings faster response, smoother stops, and replaces chasing and wasted energy while minimizing noise.

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