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ITR Hurricane Marine Hydronic Heating Systems

Rugged Marine On-Demand Diesel Hot water and Heating

Rugged Marine On-Demand Diesel Hot water and Cabin Heating. 

ITR Hurricane heating systems are full-featured DC diesel-fired hydronic hot water boilers. They employ a low pressure, low emission diesel burner that rapidly increases water temperature by 18° C from ambient at 4-5 litres/minute. DC powered components of the burner make it particularly suited for boats that do not have generators. 

Diesel boiler models range between 25,000 BTU (7.2 kW) up to 50,000 BTU (14.5 kW) true heat output and are incredibly efficient yet quiet in operation. (6,800 BTU = 2.0 kW, the same heat output from a 2000 watt AC heater in your home)

Each system comprises a main boiler unit and circulation pump that are installed where space permits to allow easy flow of the exhaust fumes via SS flexible hose through a top exiting muffler and overboard thru-hull. Hot water (rather than hot air) is the medium.

A hot solution of antfi-freeze is always kept stored in the boiler's built in SS reservior. With the system in "standby" it automatically responds to a drop in temperature to start both burner and pump to circulate the hot solution via 19mm (3/4") flexible hose to small ss cabin fans (radiators) located under bunks or inside lockers. Warm air and/or hot water arrives soon after. Temperature in each cabin can be thermostatically controlled.

In addition to the diesel burner, most models of Hurricane boilers are equipped with one or two 1500W/230 VAC immersion elements for supplemental heat that can be run from shore power during winter storage keeping you boat warmish and condensation free. Boilers can also be interfaced with waste heat from main engines or generator.

HURRICANE COMBI units offer space heating and domestic hot water in a single unit, and all HURRICANE heaters are specifically designed for the rigors of the marine environment. They are cased in rugged marine-grade stainless steel and should not be compared with noisy smoky truck heaters that can only blow very hot air that cannot be controlled.

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