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Integrel Power Generation

The 21St Century boat owner’s power management system.

The boat owner's complete Power Management System (PMS) for fast charging large service/house batteries..

INTEGREL is a smart PMS that secretly harvests only the wasted output it detects from your engine to charge a 48 VDC battery bank without any degradation in performance!  By using your engine for propulsion and power generation, both tasks are delivered at optimum efficiency, resulting in fuel savings of up to 25%. Because the battery bank is rapidly recharged when motoring, all is quiet when at anchor!

The 48 VDC battery system powers 12V and 24V consumers (electronics, entertainment, lighting, pumps and DC refrigeration) as well as all 230 V consumers (aircon, microwave, toaster, electric range, refrigerator, dishwasher, waste disposer, hairdryer and watermaker from AC inverters with no need for a genset! So, no generator noise interrupting that glass of vino, whilst dinner is prepared.   

If battery power does become low, simply start up one engine, INTEGREL drums up nearly 4.0 kW at engine idle, recharging the battery bank incredibly quickly.

INTEGREL's 6.0 and 9.0 kW generator/alternators are belt driven from the engine's PTO. Output is 140 amps (Integrel Lite) or 170 amps @ 48 VDC that rapidly charges Lithium Ion or AGM batteries. Each system weighs less than 40kg and occupies a very small footprint.

INTEGREL is the cruising boaties ultimate power management solution that eliminates the need for a genset.

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