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ITR Hydronic RV

Rugged On-Demand Diesel Hot water and Heating Systems for RVs & Trucks

ITR has been manufacturing diesel hydronic heating systems for the RV market since the early 1980’s.Their OASIS line is a full-featured DC diesel-fired hydronic heating system and use a low pressure, low emission diesel burner proprietary designed for the US military. DC powered components of the burner make it particularly useful for mobile and off GRID applications.

The OASIS line has a bottom exiting exhaust for RV and trucks. These diesel boilers with up to 50,000 BTU output true provide heat and hot domestic water in various applications worldwide.

In addition to the diesel burner, the boilers are equipped with one or two 1500W 120/240 VAC immersion elements for supplemental heat. These elements can be interfaced with an engine or generator.

The OASIS COMBI units offer space heating and domestic hot water in a single unit.

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