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Teak Wonder Teak Care

The world’s most proven teak treatment range marketed since 1973, it is perfect for boat and outdoor furniture owners.

The original Teak Wonder Dressing & Sealer is not an oil, it is a diluted silicon and pigment-based sealer, which once the thinner has evaporated, the silicon keeps the wood sealed against water and variety of other solvents including diesel, with the silicon also delaying oxidation, maintaining the new teak look on your boat, or outdoor furniture.

 Teak Wonder also produce a Teak Cleaner, which minimises the effort in cleaning, even on heavily soiled surfaces, and this is complemented with Teak Brightener, designed to enhance the natural teak colour.

These Teak Wonder products are simple to apply, and will prolong the life of your vessel's beautiful teak wood work, or custom outdoor furniture.

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