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Captain Tolleys Finds and Fixes Leaks

Traces and seals hairline cracks

Most leaks are caused by tiny cracks, often hidden to the eye. Formulated to be thinner than water, Captain Tolley’s actively draws into them using capillary action. Once in place, it makes a waterproof seal that’s strong, flexible and clear in colour.

Unique penetrating sealant

Captain Tolley’s is a low viscosity copolymer adhesive with exceptional penetrating properties.

Formulated to be as thin as water, Captain Tolley’s draws into hairline cracks and gaps using capillary action.

Waterproof Seal

Once in place, Captain Tolley’s creates a watertight seal that’s strong, flexible and clear in colour. Originally developed for marine waterproofing it stands up to the toughest conditions.

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