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Magma Roll Stabilisers

The quietest, most effective anti-roll device-guaranteed

Make drift-fishing and anchoring more enjoyable with this stabilizer, featuring a hydrodynamic design that relies on shape rather than weight making it more efficient and easier to handle.

This proven, hinged wing design operates without noisy flapper valves for quiet anchoring day and night. Storage is made easy by the flexible Dacron bridle with nylon chafe guards that far outlasts stiff wire bridles.

Sailors can easily suspend the stabilizer from their boat's boom or spinnaker pole. Powerboaters can deploy it with the optional telescoping, aluminium outrigger.

The outrigger includes Dacron support lines, a soft rubber hull pad, and an anodized mounting boot. Stabilizer includes bridle and storage/carry case. Stabilizer measures 36" x 21" when fully open, which creates 756sq. in. of resistance.

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